Tesla Turbogen for sale!

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Ken Rieli's Tesla Turbogenerator - for sale, parts

YouTube PhoenixTurbineClub channelCheck out our NEW YouTube steam turbogenerator videos to see the most recent build project!

GOOD NEWS FOR SERIOUS EXPERIMENTERS! Ken has one MORE 70% completed steam/compressed air/ORC turbogenerator in the shop that he is willing to finish & sell for $15,000 USD.

Turbogen alternator without magnet rotorThese photos show some of the case parts with alternator, disc pack, magnet rotor, etc.

The unit is an early version of the turbogenerator that's on the DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD, more complex & a bit more costly to build.

Turbogen stator core assembly & case partsKe n sim plif ied his de sig ns for the C D so mo re pe ople would be able to afford building them.

Anyway, this turbogen is very similar to the CD version - and can be used to build the solar turbogenerator system at the New Turbine Workshop.

Construction details including wiring connections, seals, oiling system, solar trough & the closed-loop system are included in the New Turbine Workshop classes.

You really should check out the YouTube videos on Ken’s latest turbogenerator build!

Turbogen case bottom with power studs

Contact Pam Rieli for more information.

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